Women’s Performance Tights with Patented Compression Technology

Looking for a women's compression tight that offers the stability and support you need? Look no further than CW-X. Our patented EXO-WEB™ technology provides the ultimate in joint support, helping muscles and ligaments band together to reduce the stress on women's joints while active. Whether you're running, hiking, or working out, our women's compression tights will help you stay comfortable and supported all day long.

By combining kinesiology tape methodology with compression, our women’s compression tights are able to stabilize muscles, increase blood flow, and enhance recovery after a workout. Women are able to reach peak performance levels, while our compression tights provide counter-support through impact and shock absorption. Our compression tights also provide women with additional core and lower back support, increasing balance and core engagement.

CW-X’s compression tights are the perfect choice for active women seeking next-level support and stability. With enhanced recovery time and reduced risk of injury, why hesitate? Order your pair today!