About Us

Developed by Wacoal at the Human Science Research Institute in Kyoto, Japan in 1991, CW-X is proud to offer compression gear like you’ve never experienced before. It’s thorough uncompromising dedication to the fundamentals of endurance and performance that allows CW-X to fully understand and address all workout wear needs.

CW-X is committed to aiding athletes of all levels and sets the highest industry standards to address the technical needs of all physical activities. Exclusive technology, advanced fabric development, and unparalleled technical support for the muscles and joints you rely on, are the keystones of the CW-X product.

CW-X prides itself on their rigorous research and engineering, a process that guides a collection of products that improve athletic performance by increasing endurance, speeding recovery, and reducing muscle soreness. Enjoy the comfort of advanced moisture-wicking technology, the benefit of muscular and skeletal stability, and a perfect fit, wear after wear.

Outperform yourself with CW-X Compression Gear.