CW-X’s New Workout Clothes - Compression Wear and More

Upgrade your workout clothes with new arrivals from CW-X! Made with patented EXO-WEB compression technology, CW-X workout gear is designed to support your muscles and improve blood circulation, so you can power through your hardest workouts with ease.

With a wide selection of women’s and men’s workout clothes, CW-X’s expertly designed compression wear will support your joints and muscles. From compression leggings to sports bras, CW-X’s line of workout clothes helps you push yourself harder and longer. Whether you’re hitting the gym or going for a run, CW-X has the newest workout gear to help you reach your fitness goals.

Stay energized and focused during your workout with CW-X. Whether you're hitting the gym or the track, CW-X’s workout clothes will help you reach your fitness goals. Check out our new arrivals today and see the difference compression wear can make in your workout routine!