CW-X Men’s Skiing Base Layer Tights

CWX’s line of men's skiing tights are the perfect choice for the winter sport and men searching for uncompromising support and comfort. Our tights are made of WarmStretch™ temperature-regulation fabric to maintain a constant comfortable surface temperature in a variety of conditions - perfect for the cold weather athlete. These tights offer firm compression and support to key areas like the lower back and abdomen. Our patented EXO-WEB compression technology will help map your muscles and joints to provide support and stability without restricting your body’s range of motion.

The breathable and moisture wicking fabric will keep your body dry, while the UV protection and elastic waistband with interior flat drawcord provide a secure fit. Most importantly, our skiing tights for men feature graduated compression ensures that these tights provide the perfect amount of support. So if you're looking for men's skiing tights that will help you perform your best on the slopes, explore CW-X’s collection.