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Three In-Home Massage Tools That Can Help With Muscle Recovery

Whether you live for WODs or just like to take a run around the neighborhood every now and then, compression gear can help support your muscles by reducing trauma and helping to increase power and endurance. It can even give you an extra layer of comfort and protection as you’re tackling chores or running errands. While compression gear is a great option for recovery, there are a few other things that can help enhance the process. Read on to discover three essential in-home massage tools from our friends at iZen that can help you bounce back as well.

woman stretching

If you’re wearing your compression gear for recovery after tough workouts or days filled with strenuous activities, you’re off to a good start. But if you want to prolong those effects and keep your body feeling great, here are three in-home massage tools that can provide instant relief whenever you need it.

Flow Percussion Massage Gun

Flow percussion massage gun

If you’re familiar with the mixed martial arts or MMA, you know that those athletes’ bodies take beatings on a regular basis. All that action and those major kicks, strikes and blows can lead to a lot of injuries and scar tissue. While you might not be taking swift kicks to the shins or dodging competitors in an octagon, you might be taking on some intense workouts during the week. When those workouts leave you stiff and sore, you can turn to a solution that MMA competitors have embraced over the years — percussion massage.

Percussion massage therapy has been shown to help ease the pain and discomfort of traumatic muscle injuries, surgery, rigorous exercise and training. It’s also been proven to reduce muscle atrophy, improve reflexes and speed up recovery. iZen’s Flow Percussion Massage Gun offers intense deep tissue massages and is easy to operate. It’s even lightweight and customizable with three interchangeable massage heads. So, you can knock out pain and stiffness right at home anytime.

Vibrating Massage Roller

vibrating massage roller

Competitive athletes aren’t the only ones who push their muscles and their bodies to the limit. If you’re lifting, squatting, pushing, pulling or even in awkward positions all day, you’re feeling the strain regularly. And you probably have the knots to prove it. Instead of trying to tough it out, roll it out with a Vibrating Massage Roller.

Foam rolling can facilitate myofascial release and assist in relieving soreness, inflammation and muscle tightness. It can also help you relax. While it comes with a number of benefits, there are a few things to keep in mind before you start rolling your troubles away. Avoid rolling any areas that have been injured, and small joints like your elbows, knees and ankles. Using iZen’s Vibrating Massage Roller is like “foam rolling, on steroids.” It gives you the benefits of a traditional foam roller and delivers deeper, more effective muscle recovery. It’s perfect for CrossFitters, babysitters and everyone in between.

The Fitness Recovery Package

fitness recovery package

When you put your body and muscles through so much, a multi-faceted approach for recovery and relief is a must. Luckily for you, iZen has the total package — a Fitness Recovery Package to be exact. This kit gives you the knot-releasing capabilities of a vibrating massage roller, a more targeted approach to those tough sore spots on areas like your neck, back, legs and arms with a  Universal Personal Massage Wand and muscle relaxation and tissue healing in a portable form with a vibrating massage ball. This package gives you three pulsating in-home massage tools for a great price. And when you’re rolling, tapping or kneading the pain away whenever you need it the most, you’ll realize that immediate relief is worth the investment.

Recover and Relax with In-Home Massage Tools

and Compression Gear for Recovery

When you’ve pushed your body to the max, treat it to some R&R with a better self-care routine. Protect your body as you work out with CW-X’s state-of-the-art compression gear. Then, relax and recover with iZen’s innovative home massage tools. It’s a winning combination. If you have any questions about CW-X’s compression apparel, contact us today. 

Compression Gear Benefits: How CW-X Compression Wear Gives You A Leg Up On The Competition

Using compressing gear during your workout can give you a leg up on your competitionWomen’s and Men’s compression wear, also known as “recovery wear,” is a form of high-tech clothing designed to contour to the body. It works by helping tired and worn-out muscles heal and recover more quickly. CW-X’s patented EXO-WEB™ technology mimics kinesiology-taping techniques trainers apply to injured or overworked muscles. When applied, it creates an exoskeletal support system that improves biomechanics when in motion.

Whether you’re wearing compression shorts, tights, tops or sleeves, these intricate garments have been found to support and increase overall athletic performance. Compression gear benefits, in terms of your workout, are pretty impressive.

Using Compression Gear for Workouts


Before your workout, compression tights, tops or sleeves can help to warm up your muscles and prep them for increased intensity.

Peak Workout

During your workout, compression wear helps to support key areas of your body. Compression gear can then decrease muscle oscillation, increase blood flow and focus power, so your muscles work properly and efficiently. This means you can be active longer and recover faster.

Post Workout

After your workout, variable compression facilitates circulation while minimizing lactic acid build-up and muscle soreness, meaning less recovery time post workout.

While there are countless compression gear benefits, there are a few important ones that can give you an edge over your competition when you use them to regularly workout or exercise in. Let’s explore why athletes are flocking to compression wear for their workout routines.

Why Do Today’s Athletes Choose Compression Gear


The stretchy, durable second-skin material that compression wear is made of means you can trust that it won’t hold you back in the gym and will boost your movement efficiency. Stretch, extend, lift and test your range of movement — compression wear will be there for you every single time.


Compression gear has been found to help to stabilize your body when lifting weights. When squeezing and applying pressure to the muscles, the compression supports the strain in each of your muscle groups, giving you greater overall stability. This is just another way that it can help the ongoing recovery process to get you through any workout, match, meet or game.


Form-fitting compression wear acts as a circulatory pump, aiding in reducing swelling following rigorous workouts or physical activity. This increase in blood flow, and thus increase in oxygen flow, can help an athlete recover more quickly than an athlete who didn’t wear compression gear. This “second skin” allows wearers to bounce back after workouts rapidly and enhances their athletic performance.


If you partake in strenuous exercise, recovery can be a lengthy process. But compression gear has been found to help speed up this recovery time, aiding in rebuilding your muscles post-workout to get a jump on your competition. Compression clothing and sleeves increase blood pressure and reduce soreness, healing broken muscle tissue quickly while reducing symptoms of swelling and poor circulation.

Get Ahead of the Competition with CW-X

Looking for a way to boost your workout performance and recovery? CW-X Compression Gear helps you find that athletic edge you’ve been looking for. Browse our full premium collection of men’s compression wear and compression clothing for women. Have a question or need more information? Contact us today — we’re happy to help!

Why You Should Be Training With Compression Gear

Runners on the beach wearing CW-X compression gearWhether you’re a weight trainer, a runner, a baseball player or a yogi, we’re all looking to improve our performance on and off the “field.” Athlete compression wear can help.

You’ve no doubt seen people in the gym or running around your neighborhood in form-fitting, muscle-supporting compression gear. But what is it and why should you be wearing it? Today, we’re answering that question and more about athletic compression wear and why it just might be the thing to give you an edge in your training.

Types Of Compression Gear

Most who wear compression gear say it’s similar to wearing a second skin. It acts as a secondary layer that compresses the body with slight pressure. This compression keeps muscles in place while reducing soreness.

There are all types of compression wear on the market today. The most popular items include tights, leggings, shorts, sports bras, tops and sleeves. Which items you choose will depend on your workout routine and any potential problem areas or areas of weakness that you’d like to strengthen.

The Benefits Of Compression Wear

Before delving into the top benefits of compression gear, you should understand the basic process of how it works. To put it simply, compression wear is designed to optimize the three critical phases of the conditioning cycle:

  1. During pre-workout, compression sleeves or clothing can help to warm up the muscles before increasing overall intensity.
  2. Then, when you’re at your workout peak, compression gear offers your body maximum support.
  3. Post-workout, compression accessories can help to accelerate recovery.

There are many overlapping benefits to compression sleeves and clothing that can help athletes or those who are physically active get in better health. The following are just a few.


Compression gear works by decreasing the overall vibrations in skeletal muscles. This can thus reduce exposure to muscle trauma and increase overall power and endurance. With improved performance, you’ll experience better support and less pain, swelling and soreness post workout.

CW-X compression wear provides targeted support to key areas of the body, decreasing muscle oscillation, increasing muscle oxygenation and targeting key muscles to help you train and work out more efficiently.

Protection & Injury Prevention

While it’s not always the main reason someone purchases compression wear, the training clothing and sleeves can actually act as a layer of sun protection for your skin. They can also protect you from bumps and cuts that might occur during gameplay or training.

In athletics and exercise, compression clothing can be vital for injury prevention. The popular workout wear facilitates circulation, minimizing the build-up of lactic acid and muscle soreness. Compression gear helps to prevent any potential tightness, loosening up muscles for the entirety of your workout.

Support & Muscle Recovery

Athletes rely on compression gear to stay active longer and recover from workouts faster. Our injury prevention compression gear utilizes patented CW-X EXO WEB technology that mimics kinesiology-taping techniques. When applied to muscles and joints, it creates an exoskeletal support system, improving and supporting the body’s biomechanics during motion.

And post-workout, compression wear can help you recover sooner by enabling blood flow to circulate quickly to the heart. This, in turn, helps to heal any injuries you may have gotten during your workout.


To cap off the many benefits of compression wear, the pieces are extremely form-fitting and flattering. In your compression clothing, you’ll feel more energized and confident during your workout because you’ll feel and look great. This can have a small, but significant impact on your training routine.

Reinvigorate Your Workout With CW-X

If you’re looking to boost your athletic performance on and off the field (or court), it’s time to try CW-X. Browse our high-quality collection of compression gear and accessories, from women’s compression shorts to men’s tights. Have a question or need more information? Contact us today — we’re here to help!