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Winter Sports 101: What to Wear to Stay Warm While Outside This Winter

While many look at the coldest months of the year as the perfect time to stay indoors and cozy up by the fire, athletes and outdoor enthusiasts know there's a whole winter wonderland to explore. But snowboarding, skiing, sledding, ice skating, snowmobiling, and other outdoor winter activities won't last month without the right clothing. Find out how to ensure your outfit keeps you warm and dry no matter the activity or conditions with versatile compression gear from CW-X.


female doing a climb in endurance generator insulator tights in the winter

The Art of Layering for Winter Sports  

Like it or not, your mom was right. Layering is the cornerstone of effective winter sports attire, allowing athletes to regulate body temperature and control moisture levels for optimal comfort and performance.


Understanding the Three-Layer System

The three-layer system consists of a base layer for moisture management and protective compression, a mid-layer for insulation, and an outer layer for protection against wind and water.


Choosing the Right Base Layer for Heat Retention

A high-quality base layer is essential for heat retention during freezing temperatures and moisture-wicking capabilities to ward off sweat, which can make you uncomfortable. Compression clothing, like CW-X's base layers, provides superior support and warmth while effectively managing sweat during intense winter activities.


Mid-Layer and Outer-Layer: Balancing Insulation and Protection

A good mid-layer piece should add insulation to trap heat close to the body while the outer layer shields against wind, rain, and snow.


female hiking in the winter wearing endurance generator insulator tights

CW-X's Advanced Winter Sports Clothing Technology

CW-X's winter sports clothing features cutting-edge technology designed to enhance performance and comfort in even the coldest conditions.


Exploring CW-X’s High-Performance Base Layers

CW-X's base layers, such as compression tights for men and women, are engineered to provide superior warmth and moisture management, making them an ideal choice for winter sports enthusiasts. CW-X gear also provides compression to give your muscles and joints an extra layer of stability and support during even the most grueling activities while providing exceptional comfort, including chafing prevention.


Innovative Insulation: CW-X's Outer Layers

On those less frigid days, CW-X clothing has unique features that make it an ideal outer layer. Their products feature fabric with UV protection for the day and reflective material for night activities or low visibility conditions.


The CW-X Advantage in Winter Sports Apparel

Only CW-X clothing uses patented EXO-WEB technology, which creates an exoskeletal support system that mimics kinesiology-taping techniques used by trainers. While maintaining full range of motion, you'll feel the extra layer of stability during and after each winter sports session.


female cross-country running in the snow wearing cw-x tights

What to Wear for Specific Winter Sports Activities

Now that you've got the basics, let's get into the specific gear that will keep you warm and comfortable all day depending on the adventure of your choice.


What to Wear Snowboarding: CW-X Gear Guide

Snowboarders can benefit from using CW-X compression tights for a base layer under ski or snowboarding pants. With the intense exercise snowboarding gives your legs, you'll benefit from gentle compression supporting your muscles and joints while maintaining full range of motion. The gear's moisture-wicking capabilities and temperature control will keep your skin warm and dry, from riding the ski lift to breaking a sweat mid-run.


Cross-Country Skiing Apparel: Staying Warm with CW-X

In addition to the many benefits of leggings, skiers may also want to consider wearing compression sports bras to minimize uncomfortable movement on the trails. If you're recovering from a knee injury or just want to prevent one, a compression sleeve is another piece of equipment to add to your winter sports wardrobe.


Sledding and Snowmobiling: Choosing the Right CW-X Attire

For activities like sledding and snowmobiling, it's important to stay warm and dry with a great base layer like CW-X's compression tights. Made of WarmStretch™ temperature-regulation fabric, these tights keep your muscles compressed for extra warmth without overheating.


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Winter Sports Clothing Maintenance Tips

Proper care and maintenance of CW-X gear ensure it remains in top condition for many winters to come.


Caring for Your CW-X Winter Sports Gear

Maintenance of compression gear is essential to ensure longevity and lasting effectiveness. Follow the unique care instructions for your clothing, noting that compression clothing often needs to be hung out to dry rather than put in a dryer.


Ensuring Your Gear is Winter-Ready

In addition to proper washing and storage, perform regular checks to ensure your gear is in optimal condition for winter activities.

To ensure you're never calling a day on the slopes, ice, or trails early, it's essential to pick the right winter sports clothing. CW-X's innovative line of apparel offers unmatched performance and comfort, making it the top choice for athletes seeking to optimize their winter sports experience.

Prioritize warmth and comfort this winter season with CW-X's range of high-performance winter sports gear. Explore the CW-X website to discover the perfect attire for your favorite winter activities and elevate your outdoor adventures to new heights.