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Unlock Golfing Performance: Benefits of CW-X Compression Wear

Compression wear is one of the fastest growing athletic-wear amongst athletes from runners to golfers. One of the reasons it’s become so popular is because it works at stimulating blood circulation before and during a workout, enhancing both performance and recovery. And guess what? CW-X stands at the forefront of innovation in sports apparel from our compression shorts to knee sleeves. Below, we’ll explore all the ways compression wear can improve your performance out on the golf course.


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Enhancing Golf Performance with Compression Wear

Compression wear can finally give you that edge on the golf course you’ve always been looking for. While you may have thought loose clothes were the way to go, compression wear will add stability to your step and improve your posture - especially before taking a swing. This newfound stability and ergonomic posture will help lead to more consistent swings under pressure or pleasure. This could explain why Hunter Mahan was sporting his compression wear at the 2014 Ryder Cup.


Moreover, according to Golf Digest, several studies have found that compression wear can accelerate recovery of soft-tissue injuries such as tendinitis. It can help in the efficient removal of lactic acid from muscles so you won’t feel sore after your Long Game. Furthermore, it can reduce delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) after spending time on the golf course perfecting that swing.


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Improving Circulation on the Course

Good circulation will not only remove metabolic waste from the body, but also reduce muscle inflammation for a faster recovery. It’s no secret to the avid golfer that golf can take a real toll on the body. All that torso twisting and force that goes into a skilled swing can lead to various muscle aches and injuries. According to a study from BioMed Central, the majority of athletes used compression gear to prevent re-injury, which they believed contributed to the prevention of recurrent injury. The right compression wear for golfers aids in efficient oxygen distribution to the muscles, which will not only prevent muscle soreness and injury, but also improve any previous muscle injury you may be experiencing from golf, or any other sport.


Furthermore, repetitive swinging for a full day of golf can create muscle spasms or sprains. The right compression wear for golfers can help improve endurance and reduce muscle soreness both during and after rounds. This way, you don’t have to cut any rounds off short.


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Reducing Fatigue for Longer Play

Apart from improving blood circulation, recovery time and past injuries, compression wear can also help reduce fatigue during your golf game. Wearing compression gear will help maintain energy levels throughout your 18-hole game. Forget about calling it quits prematurely. When you’re golfing in compression wear you can expect to experience a reduction in your perceived level of exertion. A study from PubMed found that runners were able to exercise longer in their compression wear because of this sensation.


Additionally, the right compression wear will help reduce muscle vibration, which can decrease overall fatigue. Soft tissue vibration consumes a lot of your energy while you’re out on the golf course trying to perfect your backswing. Preserving your energy in style is as good as a hole-in-one in our books.


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Choosing the Right Compression Wear for Golfers

There’s a variety of compression wear available out there, especially for golfers. Compression shorts, socks and sleeves are among the most popular for golfers. Each one is designed to meet your specific needs on the golf course all season long.


Compression Shorts

One key aspect to nailing the perfect hook involves good posture and balance. Wearing compression shorts will increase support and stability in the lower body - crucial for a powerful and stable swing. CW-X’s compression shorts are made with our patented EXO-WEB support panel, providing stability without impeding motion. The multi directional EXO-stretch body fabric makes for a comfortable fit under your favorite golf pants or shorts. The breathable and moisture wicking fabric will keep your skin dry from tee time to the 18th hole.


Compression Golf Shirts

Compression shirts offer many advantages for upping your golfing game. Some advantages include torso and upper back support, and increased proprioception - helping you become more aware of your body position and movement. These benefits will help you maintain proper posture during your swing. The moisture-wicking properties will also help keep you cool and dry as you propel that golf ball down the fairway.


Compression Pants

For increased support and stability in the lower body, we’d recommend investing in a pair (or three) of compression pants. We won’t call it cheating, but the support compression pants have to offer is crucial for a powerful and stable swing. They also reduce the risk of deep vein thrombosis during long periods of inactivity if you’re experiencing an off-season. Made of lightweight and breathable material, compression pants offer optimal comfort and mobility as they wick moisture away from your skin.


Compression Socks and Sleeves

Compression socks and sleeves can aid in circulation and reduce the risk of swelling. They’ll also provide comfort while keeping you light on your feet from hole-1 to hole-18. While golf demands a lot of time on your feet, it also adds a lot of stress and tension to the ankles and knees. CW-X’s Knee Sleeve is made with our patented EXO-WEB support panel to contour your knee to provide support and stability without restricting your range of motion. Our Knee Sleeves stimulate blood flow to the knee area, preventing blood and fluid build-up. This way no one walks away from the golf course with the worst kind of pain… knee pain.


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Compression clothing can enhance performance, improve circulation, and reduce fatigue on the golf course. The right compression wear can minimize muscle oscillation and vibration during your game, can provide support to muscles and joints, and can improve body temperature regulation. The way we see it, compression wear is an invaluable tool for any golfer looking to improve their game while taking care of their body. And, CW-X is a golfer’s best choice for true support and comfort.


Try CW-X compression wear during your next golf game and see how it takes that swing of yours to the next level.