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Compression Technology and How Athletes Can Support Their Bodies Pre and Post-Workout

With compression gear growing in popularity among athletes, you might know some of the benefits of wearing the pieces during a workout: the enhanced muscle support, the improved blood circulation in the body, the comfort from freedom of movement, and the ability to regulate body temperatures during even the toughest exercises. But did you know that compression technology's benefits aren't limited to your physical activity time?


Compression technology aids in both pre-workout preparation time and post-workout recovery. Wearing compression gear during these times helps you achieve the best training possible by warming up your muscles and improving healing time, making you ready for the next session as soon as possible to reach your full fitness potential.


Female athlete wearing CW-X compression clothing sitting on stairs

Understanding Compression Technology

Compression workout clothes are growing in popularity, and it's easy to understand why: adding slight pressure to muscles and joints can optimize performance, help prevent injury, speed up the healing process following an injury, and improve recovery time.


CW-X goes the extra step with a range of products featuring patented EXO-WEB technology. This targeted technique mimics kinesiology taping that trainers apply to injured muscles, creating an exoskeletal support system that improves biomechanics without restricting motion for the optimal workout. These are especially great for injury prevention and recovery, no matter the sport.


Different Types of Compression Gear for Athletes

No matter your sport or workout, compression clothing is a vital part of a competitor's closet. With a range of options to suit every athlete, you can get all-around coverage or focus on a specific area, such as an injury point.


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Joints — knees, elbows, ankles, and shoulders, for example — go through extra stress during physical activity, and compression sleeves can assist in stabilizing these areas. Those recovering from injuries may add a sleeve to their gear, but these pieces can also be used by anyone as a support and body temperature regulator.


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Sports Bras

Compression sports bras help to limit movement during a workout, which doesn't just make for a more comfortable experience — they help to prevent strain on your neck, back, and shoulders during any activity.


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Compression Shorts and Tights

From shorts to full-length options, compression tights have quite a few benefits for athletes: they prevent chafing, regulate body temperature, wick moisture, and give pressure to muscles for improved performance and faster recovery.


The Role of Compression Technology in Pre-Workout Support

Compression clothing worn during warm-up or before physical activity has a number of benefits that will actually help your body during the workout. Because compression technology increases blood flow and circulation with gentle pressure, your muscles will get an increased hit of oxygen, which is key in preparing for a sweat session. In addition, compression clothing can help raise your body temperature to a comfortable level that's suitable for working out — anyone who has tried to go from zero to 100 without that warm-up knows there are consequences.


An effective warm-up aided by compression apparel doesn't just improve your performance — it also prevents injury such as muscle strain that can result from going too hard too quickly.

male athlete post workout recovery wearing CW-X compression pants


The Role of Compression Technology in Post-Workout Recovery

Compression gear can be worn after exercise to help the body's recovery process. By improving blood flow and encouraging fluid movement, waste products from exercise are removed at a quicker pace. Therefore, muscles will get more oxygen and recover more quickly without as much fatigue after intense training.


In addition, compression helps decrease inflammation and swelling, promoting faster healing that's also less painful, ensuring you never have to skip a workout for an injury or extra recovery time.


male athlete stretching hamstrings wearing CW-X compression pants

The Benefits of Compression Technology in Daily Routines

Compression clothing is beneficial before, during, and after workouts, no matter the activity. Runners, weightlifters, bikers, team sport athletes, and more can benefit from the pre-workout benefits of warming up the muscles to prevent injury as well as the increased blood flow that helps promote recovery following intense exercise. In addition, compression gear is known for its body temperature regulation and moisture-wicking fabrics, unlike other athletic gear where the sweat can weigh you down or have you throw in the towel early.


In addition to workouts, compression technology is turned to during long periods of sitting, such as a long car ride or plane trip. Compression socks, in particular, can help prevent blood clots from immobility by stimulating circulation — not to mention reducing swelling and leg fatigue that comes with travel.


Compression technology does more than enhance a workout — by using them to their full potential, including before and after a workout, the gear provides the extra boost to take your workout to the next level. From your warm-up to your recovery period, no other clothing can improve your game like this. CW-X has a range of products for both men and women with options that fit any fitness goal while staying stylish at the gym, track, court, field, and beyond — even your morning coffee run.