Joint Exo-Web™

Available in the following products:

  • Stabilyx™

    Features Targeted Joint Support in the Knees, Hips, and Core for overall stability and balance in all conditions.

  • Ventilator™

    Get all the support benefits of a Stabilyx Tight but now with Vented mesh cooling in the quads and calves areas of the leg

  • Stabilyx Under Tights

    Provides optimum support to the hip, pelvic and knee joints with added ventilation channels in high perspiration zones.

  • Expert

    The original CW-X Conditioning Wear product features targeted support, especially to the knees and Hips

Muscle Exo-Web™

Available in the following products:

  • Pro

    Features targeted muscle support in the quads, hamstrings, and calves creating a suspension system that maximizes movement efficiency during running or endurance sports.

  • PerformXTM

    A versatile muscle support tight that focuses on Hip, IT Band, and Quad support for a balanced feel during all sport activities

Muscle & Joint Exo-Web™

Available in the following products:

  • Endurance Generator™

    The Ultimate CW-X Endurance Support Web combines optimum muscle and joint support for maximum stability, movement efficiency, and power during endurance sports.

  • Generator Revolution™

    Combining CW-X best fabrics and support technologies into one ultra supportive and lite weight racing tight. EXO-Lite Seamless EXO-Web™ combines joint support of Stabilyx and muscle support of Pro into one high performance tight. Maximum shock absorption, stability, muscle efficiency, and lite weight all built into one.