Women’s Compression Gear

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Women's Compression Gear

Endurance athletes need gear powerful enough to help them outlast and outperform. That’s exactly what you get with our women’s compression gear. Designed with CW-X’s EXO-WEB™ technology, our compression clothing is created to take your training and competing to new levels. This top-of-the-line material helps reduce fatigue and boost performance to help you reach your fullest potential every time you train. For premium quality and top-notch compression clothing, CW-X has everything you need. 

To fully understand the power behind our women’s compression gear, you really have to try it out for yourself. Get ready for enhanced recovery and calf muscle support with our premium sleeves. Experience the difference our CW-X tops and sports bras provide for your posture and balance. Discover our circulation-increasing women’s compression shorts and tights, and see the effects they can have on your training. No matter how you want to improve your workout, you can bet our high-performance compression gear for women will help. 

While you’re at it, don’t miss out on our last chance selection to stock up on great compression clothing before it’s gone! We look forward to assisting you with unparalleled service and top-quality women’s compression clothing you can count on.

Women’s Compression Gear FAQs

While it’s crucial to have compression clothing to make the most of your training, you may want to know more about this revolutionary attire. Below, you’ll find answers to some of the most common questions we receive about our products.

1. Is it recommended to wear women’s compression pants all day?

In a world where leggings and compression tights are often worn as everyday attire, this is a common concern. Our experts recommend wearing women’s compression pants for as long as they’re comfortable. Certain styles, such as CW-X’s Stabilyx Joint Support Compression Tights, are most suitable for everyday wear. 

2. Does women’s compression gear burn fat?

When you wear compression clothing during your training, it can cause increased sweating. As a result, you may burn fat and accelerate weight loss. 

3. How tight should women’s compression shorts be?

While some of this boils down to personal preference, the CW-X experts recommend a fit that’s snug but still comfortable. Women’s compression shorts should typically be about 15% smaller than everyday shorts. You want the material to tightly hug and support your muscles without any discomfort.