Men’s Compression Gear

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Men's Compression Gear

The right gear can make a world of difference for endurance athletes. With CW-X compression gear for men, you can be sure you’re getting the absolute best in terms of quality and performance. All of the men’s compression gear at CW-X is designed with our patented EXO-WEB technology for joint and muscle support. This groundbreaking material helps to reduce fatigue and increase performance so you can keep pushing forward. For targeted support and greater efficiency of movement, CW-X athletic clothing for men has everything you need.

From circulation-increasing tights & shorts to supportive tops and sleeves, CW-X has it all. Get ready to train to your fullest abilities and reach your highest potential with our men’s compression gear. Once you’ve selected a category from our drop-down menu, you can filter your search by price, size and style. You can also view a section with all men’s gear to help you easily find everything you need in one place. And don’t miss out on our last chance selection for great deals and incredible finds! We look forward to providing you with premium compression gear for men and unparalleled service. 

Men’s Compression Gear FAQs

While you know you need men’s athletic clothing that can help you perform, you might need a little more information about what CW-X has to offer. Below are some answers to the most common questions about our products.

1. What exactly is men’s compression gear?

Compression gear for men involves garments woven with spandex-type fibers. The clothing is designed to be skin tight with the intention of compressing your muscles. While doing this, men’s compression gear supports and contains those muscles, while improving circulation by squeezing blood back toward your heart. 

2. Does men’s compression gear improve training performance?

Backed by the power of our EXO-WEB technology, CW-X’s compression gear for men helps boost circulation, decrease soreness and push you to your fullest potential. We’ve combined this patented technology with our four-way stretch fabric to increase the body’s efficiency, diminish fatigue and reduce risk of injury. 

3. Can I wear CW-X’s men’s compression gear for water sports?

While our compression gear for men is very beneficial during training, we do not recommend using our products for water sports. Chlorine can easily damage the EXO-WEB material.