One-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

CW-X apparel comes with a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects. If you have a valid warranty claim, please email to begin the warranty claim process. Consumers must provide proof of purchase with a copy of their original store receipt or order shipment confirmation.

Please note that CW-X fabrics, while being technically superior, are not indestructible.

This one year warranty does not cover product failures from but not limited to:

  • Excessive friction
    Ex: Wearing a Velcro waist belt during a marathon that continuously rubs on the tights and causes pilling
  • Holes in Fabric
    Ex: Holes and tears caused by accidents, sharp objects, unexpected falls, or finger nails.
    Ex: Tripping on a hiking trail and nicking your shirt on a branch
  • Improper care including, but not limited to, laundering
    Ex: Putting your performance sports apparel in the dryer
  • Normal wear and tear
    Ex: Several months of frequent use for any athletic activity
  • Skin irritations caused by excessive friction
    Ex: Chafing in crotch as a result of not wearing a technical sports brief

For additional questions about Warranty or to initiate a claim, contact