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Stabilyx Tights

Features Targeted Joint Support in the Knees, Hips, and Core for overall stability and balance in all conditions. Size XL is only available in Black color.

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  • All Weather
  • Core Support
  • Joint Support
  • Knee Support
  • Xcelerated Recovery
Best for All Weather

Available in sizes: XS - XL (XL-Black only) Style 125809A
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SELECT COLOR: Color 065- Grey/ Pink/ Turquoise

  • Color 065- Grey/ Pink/ Turquoise
  • Color 977  -  Black/Rainbow
  • Color  001 - Black

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The Stabilyx tights provide optimum targeted support to the core and knees. They’re ideal for runners, for activities with lateral motion and for athletes seeking our best form of knee support. The patented CW-X Support Web™ bands together the muscles and ligaments of the lower leg to stabilize the knee and reduce vibration for increased efficiency. The CW-X Support Web™ also harnesses the midsection, supporting the lower abdominals, hips and back to channel power through the core. Variable compression facilitates circulation during and after activity, minimizing lactic acid build-up so that you can be active longer and recover faster. Six reflective flash strips and reflective logo provide 360-degree visibility for nighttime activities.


  • Elena Nanos


    I wanted to write a sincere  THANK YOU to whoever designed CW-X women’s stabilyx tights.  They changed life, literally.

    I had total knee replacement surgery a year ago and was in a lot of pain just walking.  I tried knesio tape, wearing supporting sleeve and it helped, but did not eliminate the pain and very limited my activates.  I was even told by 2 knee specialist that I need to do total knee revision surgery unless I get my muscles much stronger, which I could not do, because my knee would get inflamed from any movement.

    I read an ad in magazine about  CW-X women’s stabilyx tights and ordered 3 pairs on Amazon.  Now when I wear CW-X stabilyx tights I can walk, dance and exercise practically without any pain.  CW-X stabilyx tights give me support and stability for my knee, like nothing else I have tried.

    I am very grateful for this.

    Thank you.

    Sincerely, Elena Nanos.

  • I own three pairs.

    This is the only brand of running tights I will buy. I own three pairs of CW-X tights and I love them all. They are supportive and comfortable. They are also well made and durable. They really do help support your legs and help with recovery after runs.

  • Spring Loaded

    My legs feel spring-loaded when I’m rockin’ these puppies! I love the firm support these tights offer. Don’t be afraid to order your size. They may be snug going on, but feel like heaven from step one of your morning jog.

  • Paragon Customer

    I use these running tights every time I run. they have made a huge difference,after my run my legs don’t feel heavy or tired and my knees do not hurt. I love my CW X tights. I have recommended them to all my friends.

  • Good for Ski Instructors

    I am a ski instructor and I wear these tights under my ski pants to support my knees, but I also use them as a support tight for my vericose veins. I don’t have tired legs and no pain in my knees!

  • RRS Customer

    Since a girl at a running store recommended them after complaining about knee pain because of an injury I started wearing the CWX. I could not be happier. Great support for knees, hips and abs. My recovery time is reduced and I do not have pain on my knees any more. I could use KT Tape instead too. I love these tights. You could be cold in winter conditions since there are not thick, but once you start running you will feel how it ‘massages’ your legs and you will not feel the cold anymore. I would recommend that if it is really cold you could wear a light layer over the CWX. It is really hard to put them on, since they should be very tight. Once you wear them for the first time and they have stretched a little bit it will be easier to put them on the next time. Take your time to put them on.

  • A Game Changer!

    I had ACL reconstructive surgery in March of 2013 due to a skiing accident and was pumped to get back on the hill this ’13/’14 season. I made the decision to get a knee brace to protect my new ACL and had the hardest time finding tights that would fit with the brace. I love merino, but due to the wool fibers and overall texture the brace fit horribly and also irritated my skin. I had heard good things about CWX so decided to try out these tights. THEY ARE A GAME CHANGER. Not only does my brace stay on 100%, these things are as supportive as everyone says. They increase circulation, are breathable, are damn comfortable and do not irritate my skin. If you are in unsure of sizing, I recommend going by height. The way the supportive webbing is structured means that you will get the most benefit by going by your leg length. I am 5’2″ and went with the small. Be warned, these will be tight like a tiger, but thats what you want in compression tights!

  • Set my PR this weekend with these tights.

    I run half marathons and do Sprint triathlons. I struggle with some IT band pain and some runner’s knee issues. I am training for a half marathon right now and ran my personal best training run this weekend in these tights. The tights definitely supported my body well. The fatigue was MUCH less than in other clothing! I highly recommend these tights!

  • Excellent product

    I’ve purchased cw-x stabilyx for my wife and for me the endurance and I have to say they are the best we use them for running,crossfit training and to play soccer and they give the support that I need and after a long and intense activity we don’t have any soreness. I had knee injury of ACL,PCL & meniscus tear after my operation I started to use this compression thighs and they have help me a lot by giving me all the support and stability that my knee and my lower body needs. Love cw-x conditioning compression things.

  • Excellent quality

    These tights are perfect for me. I purchased them for support during exercise, but also for abdominal support after an appendectomy. And they do both.  In addition to that the shaping they provide throughout is superb!  My only suggestion would be that they come in a longer leg length.  My height and weight was on the lowest end for the size I ordered, however they could do with another inch of leg length for comfort.  However, I still love them.