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Revolution Tights

Exo-LITE Racing tight featuring a Seamless Support web that results in 14% lighter tights. Targeted support focuses on the knees, hips, and core during racing or training where every second counts.

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  • All Weather
  • Joint Support
  • Knee Support
  • Xcelerated Recovery
Best for All Weather

Available in sizes: XS - M Style 128809
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  • Color 985 - Rainbow Stripes Print

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Lady Foot Locker

The Revolution Tights are the ultimate in performance support wear, engineered to be 14% lighter than regular performance tights. The Revolution Tights feature the new EXO-Lite Seamless Support Web, the latest and most advanced evolution of the patented CW-X Support Web. The EXO-Lite Seamless Support Web is anatomically built to provide extra support, stability and shock absorption to the knees, hips, quads, hamstrings, calves, glutes and lower back.


  • Zappos Customer

    These tights are great. I love the funky design and I feel like they give me the knee/muscle support I need. They are optimum for about 30 to 40 degree temperatures. Anything below that needs an extra layer.

  • Like Support Tape

    These tights do just what the name suggests; compress. I have trouble with my pirsformas and have worn these for a few weeks. They seem to help, much like KT Tape only without the sticky tape.

  • Worth the money

    I am a big fan of CW-X tights. I wear them mainly for long runs of 12-20 miles and my legs feel great afterwards. I no longer have knee pain and my legs don’t fatigue as easily. I have worn the Stabilyx tights for years and just recently bought the Endurance Generator and Revolution. You can’t go wrong with CW-X tights. Very expensive, but worth the money.

  • Exceeded expectations

    I recently had knee replacement surgery, and I had been having trouble with swelling during travel: both car and plane. I decided to purchase these compression tights to see if they could help things.  I have used the tights twice already, with great success. Not only do my legs not swell, but my knee does not get as sore after sitting for extended periods of time.  Additionally I’ve worn the tights for exercise and they make things so much easier on my knee.  I am very happy with this product, and even with the high cost, I fee like the tights were a great investment.