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PerformX Tights

A versatile muscle support tight that focuses on Hip, IT Band, and Quad support for a balanced feel during all sport activities.

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Available in sizes: XS - L Style 121809
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PerformX Tights keep everything in correct alignment for optimum balance, efficiency and power by providing support for the IT band, hip flexors and quads as well as good stabilization of the knees, calfs and achilles. The patented CW-X Support Web™ acts as a suspension system for the quadriceps, increasing power at the push phase of the running motion. The gentle targeted compression of the CW-X Support Web™ increases circulation, minimizing lactic acid buildup and reducing muscle soreness, making PerformX Tights ideal recovery wear.


  • Well worth the price.

    I ordered these on a whim after reading the comments one day before the ING-half marathon and they were superb. I normally run in shorts, never again. I was not hot and they were super comfortable. My knees normally hurt like heck after mile 3 no pain whatsoever! They were attractive, comfortable and well worth the price. I am 5’9 and 150 and the medium is a great fit. Go CW-X go Zappos!

  • Yoga Master.

    I bought these tights because I saw others in my yoga class wearing them; our leader said that the “web” helps hold the muscles steady. I have worn them once so far and love them! The temp here is 70 degrees, and although I was worried they would be warm, they aren’t in the least. They really do keep my body temp even. They are tight, and a bit difficult to get on, but once they are on, they feel great! And they really do hug the legs, so that even in vigorous stretches my muscles feel very comfortable.

  • Help knee pain

    I use these tights for running long distances and they work great. I have knee problems from time to time and they definately helps to releive the pain. At first it didnt help but after awhile I start to feel the benifit. The crotch starts to wear out after awhile and thats not a good thing. Overall great product.