Insulator tops are lightweight insulated support layer that use WarmStretch™ temperature-regulation fabric to maintain a constant comfortable surface temperature while also providing moisture wicking and UV protection.


Lightweight with dynamic-stretch comfort, this line of Conditioning Wear® incorporates Healtha+® nanotechnology fabric for comfortable freedom of movement, moisture-wicking and UV protection.

Sport Support

For a woman in motion, breasts bounce up before they bounce down. Fortunately, the Sport Support bra features the 5-point inner cup Targeted Support Web™, designed to reduce that initial upward bounce. The Targeted Support Web is composed of five interconnected inner cup straps that works in concert with the shoulder and base straps to create a soft suspension system that is comfortable yet highly supportive. Coolmax® fabric provides moisture wicking so you stay cool and dry.


Traxter tops provide Dynamic Compression and support athlete's natural movement patterns. Targeted Directional-Stretch Panels are positioned so that the direction of the engineered-stretch of the fabric follows how the body moves at key joints. Variable Compression Construction allows for lower compression at the major joints to facilitate freedom of motion, and higher compression along the major muscle groups – the pectorals, trapezius and abdominals – for support and recovery benefits. Patented Cocona fabric technology, made from natural coconut fibers and minerals provides moisture-wicking, UV protection, and odor-resistance benefits to athletes. Flat seam construction enhances both comfort and durability.


Ventilator Performance Tops feature the CW-X Support Web™ for the upper back to improve posture, balance and arm motion. The CW-X Support Web uses kinetic-taping technology to create an exoskeletal support system. It specifically targets the trapezius muscles and scapular bones of the upper back for improved posture and more controlled movements in the arms and shoulders. Mesh ventilation panels allow hot air to escape and cool air to enter, reducing heat fatigue and improving circulation.


Wear-tested by world-class triathletes and anatomically engineered to enhance the wearer's comfort and performance during the unique stresses of a triathlon. Features upper body mesh Support Web™ that supports the pectoral muscles and upper back, reducing muscle vibration and fatigue while improving breathing, posture and arm movement.